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Royal Caribbean International Bermuda Cruises

A Royal Caribbean Bermuda Cruise is calling—teeming wildlife, tropical cuisine, exotic luxury and so much more. Let the soothing summer winds gently caress you while the sun shines on your glistening body on the beaches. Try delicious tropical fare like the loquat, and kick back with a cool smoothie made with fresh tropical fruit. Don’t forget about the history of top-notch golf: hit the pristine links and show your prowess with a laidback and relaxing 18-holes. Whether you plan on scuba diving under the clear waters or sipping a cocktail on the beach, a Royal Caribbean Bermuda cruise is the perfect vacation for you. 


Things to Do on a Bermuda Cruise with Royal Caribbean


Make sure you speak to a cruise consultant about the available cruise excursions while planning your Royal Caribbean Bermuda cruise. These options will enhance your vacation and allow you to really explore Bermuda. That may mean shipwreck snorkeling in the Bermuda Triangle, having a Dolphin Experience or Atlantic Half Day Reef Fishing in the clear waters. Don’t worry: if you’re looking for a party, you can try a nice Island Beach Party and let loose with other cruisers. See more options below.



Royal Caribbean fisherman holding huge Red Snapper
  • Atlantic Half Day Reef Fishing (King’s Wharf, Bermuda)
    Jump onto the Jolly Roger and get ready for a fishing ride that packs some entertainment as well. You’ll sail through the crystal clear Bermudan waters in search of the perfect spot, and then fish for snappers, triggerfish, jacks and other interesting fish species for a day of fishing fun!




Royal Caribbean girl swimming with dolphin Bermuda
  • Dolphin Experience (King’s Wharf, Bermuda)
    You may never have the chance to try this exciting excursion again. Play with the jolly and exciting dolphins for 20 minutes and interact with them on a personal level. Then you’ll put a mask on and join them in the water for a wild and one-of-a-kind experience.




Royal Caribbean Kings Wharf Bermuda
  • Bermuda Triangle Shipwreck Snorkel (King’s Wharf, Bermuda)
    For a snorkeling expedition that demands a confident swimmer and an adventurous nature, choose this Bermuda excursion. You’ll get some history on the destination and some of the shipwrecks, and then are provided with equipment to dive under the sea. You can explore two different sites, one of which is a shipwreck. Who knows what you’ll find under the water!




Royal Caribbean Bermuda Botanical Gardens hedges
  • Bermuda Island Sunset Tour & Buffet Dinner (King’s Wharf, Bermuda)
    What better time of day to explore Bermuda than the sunset? This excursion will allow you to visit landmarks at the finest time of day, such as Somerset Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Tucker’s Town and more. You’ll stroll through St Georges and end up at Tom Moore’s Tavern—featuring a hearty buffet-style dinner with a complimentary glass of wine.




Royal Caribbean limbo beach party teenagers
  • Island Beach Party (King’s Wharf, Bermuda)
    For a night full of rum swizzle and family fun, choose this party-focused excursion. Beachside music will highlight this incredible show and party, featuring dancers, performers and tropical delights. You’ll even catch a Fire Limbo show and maybe join in the contest, if you dare!




Royal Caribbean beautiful Bermuda coastline with rocks
  • Aquarium & Zoo Sightseeing Cruise (King’s Wharf, Bermuda)
    This sightseeing cruise is filled with Bermudian history, sea-faring legend and more. You’ll cruise the coastline learning from your informative captain, viewing inlets, historical attractions and more. Soon after, you will be awestruck by the incredible diversity at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, featuring a newly opened Madagascar Exhibit.



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