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Royal Caribbean International Australia/New Zealand Cruisetours

If you’re looking for an adventurous, memorable and thought-provoking vacation, look no further than Royal Caribbean’s Australia and New Zealand cruisetours. These Royal Caribbean land and sea packages bundle either a pre- or post-cruise land tour with a cruise in order to create an even more in-depth Australian vacation experience. You’ll have extra time to be engrossed in the culture, breathe in the atmosphere and step out into the beauty of these amazing nations. Royal Caribbean’s Australia cruisetours will take you to the most interesting locations in Australia, including Cairns, Port Douglas, Ayers Rock and Perth. 


Things to Do on an Australia and New Zealand Cruisetour with Royal Caribbean


Only a Royal Caribbean Australia cruisetour gives you an award-winning, activity-filled cruise combined with a detailed and thoughtfully planned inland expedition. You’ll have plenty of affordable excursion options, including trips to the Blue Mountains above Sydney or the impressive Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Port Douglas. Highlighted below are some of our favorite things to do when on a Royal Caribbean Australia cruisetour:


Royal Caribbean Henrietta Creek near Innisfail North Queensland Australia
  • Jungle Train and Amphibious Army Duck Tour (Cairns, Australia)
    Hop aboard the Kuranda Scenic Railway for a scenic ride to the Rainforestation Nature Park in North Queensland, Australia. Along the way you’ll wind through tunnels and over bridges while taking in the lush views of this World Heritage jungle. Afterwards, board an amphibious Army Duck vehicle to explore this unique rainforest with a small group.


Royal Caribbean Uluru Rock
  • Ayers Rock (Ayers Rock, Australia)
    Tour the massive red Ayers Rock (known as Uluru by the locals) to see one of Australia’s most revered natural landmarks. As you approach Ayers Rock, it’s impossible to miss the huge sandstone formation rising out of the central Australian landscape. The site becomes even more of a spectacle at twilight when the rocks change colors beneath the setting sun.


Royal Caribbean Aboriginal rock art at Nourlangie Kakadu National Park Australia
  • Aboriginal Discoveries (Alice Springs, Australia)
    Alice Springs has quickly become one of the most popular sites for tourists interested in the history and heritage of Australia’s Aboriginals. You can look at inspiring cave art or visit one of the Northern Territory’s cultural centers, or just gaze out over the distinct landscape while taking a camel ride.


Royal Caribbean Great Barrier Reef Austrailia
  • Great Barrier Reef (Cairns, Australia)
    Enjoy a relaxing (and air-conditioned!) catamaran ride to the living wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef. Upon reaching the Great Barrier Reef you’ll be given ample time to explore the site through a variety of activities and avenues, including snorkeling, an underwater observation station and a semi-submersible watercraft.


Royal Caribbean Australian Crocodile North Queensland Australia
  • Ultimate Crocodile Adventure (Port Douglas, Australia)
    Witness one of Australia’s most infamous species, the saltwater crocodile, at Hartley’s Wildlife Adventures. This popular park features several wildlife and bird species, along with crocodiles. You can float through the lagoon or walk through the park while experts point out different animals and perform jaw-dropping feeding demonstrations.


Royal Caribbean the Three Sisters from Echo Point Blue Mountains National Park Australia
  • Blue Mountain 4WD Tour (Sydney, Australia)
    Embark on a four-wheel drive adventure through the trails of the Blue Mountains. Enjoy spectacular views of Sydney and the rest of New South Wales as your vehicle climbs to Burralow Creek National Park. Watch for wallabies, kangaroos and koalas as you tour this popular camping site before making your way to the gorgeous Blue Mountain Botanic Gardens of Mount Tomah.


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