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NCL dining Freestyle Dining
Dining (Freestyle Dining)
Norwegian Cruise Line has made a serious impact on the cruising industry with their unique take on onboard dining: Freestyle Dining. Freestyle Dining is just the beginning of Freestyle Cruising, and features a host of options ranging from casual to upscale, ethnic to traditional, four-course to on-the-go. Each venue allows you to do things your way, and ensures that each dining experience will be exactly as you envisioned it.




NCL dining Main Dining
Main Dining Rooms
The main dining rooms onboard your Norwegian Cruise Line vacation will surprise and delight you. On each ship, there are two (and in some cases, even three) dining rooms to savor the Norwegian way of onboard dining. With diverse options that range over a host of different culinary influences, you may find yourself feasting on a steak in The Manhattan Room or pork tenderloin at the Grand Pacific (depending on your cruise ship). Freestyle Dining means no set mealtimes, so you’re welcome to sit down and enjoy your meal at any time you please! Main Dining Rooms are complimentary.




NCL dining Buffet Garden Cafe
Buffet (Garden Café/Kids Café)
When you choose to dine at one of Norwegian’s buffets, you’ll be able to fill up plate after plate of succulent fare, coming in a range of forms—from French toast for breakfast to create-your-own burgers for dinner. Some ships even offer a kids version featuring menus and options for younger cruisers only! These complimentary options are located indoors, in different areas depending on the ship.




NCL dining Outdoor Buffet
Outdoor Buffet (The Great Outdoors/Raffles Terrace/Lanai)
Another complimentary option that may be available during your Norwegian Cruise Line vacation is the outdoor buffet. Enjoy a superb meal: choose from ready-to-cook omelets, waffles, fresh fruits, pasta and more in a buffet-style service where you can enjoy the cuisine and delightful weather.




NCL dining Spiegel Tent
Spiegel Tent (Presumed Murdered/Cirque Dreams)
Immerse yourself in a spectacle during lunch or dinner when you chose the Spiegel Tent on your next cruise. With high, vaulted ceilings, festive costumes and some eye-opening performances, your next meal could be a one-of-a-kind experience. At lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to view Presumed Murdered (a comical murder mystery) as you eat, and at dinner, you can be wowed by the Cirque Dreams performance as you indulge on your fixed-dinner courses. Cost: $20 - $40 per person




NCL dining Dinner at Illusionarium
Dinner at Illusionarium
On the Norwegian Getaway, there’s an excellent option for those who enjoy a spectacle with their supper. At the Illusionarium, sit back, fill yourself with a delicious meal and take in the amazing magic, overwhelming special effects and intriguing characters of your performance. Make reservations early because space is limited. Cost: $40 per person




NCL dining 24hr O'Sheehans
24-Hour Eatery – O’ Sheehan’s
In honor of CEO Kevin O’Sheehan, some Norwegian Cruise Line ships offer the alternative 24-hour eatery O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill. This Irish-themed pub-style venue offers a limited menu filled with delicious fare like Chicken Pot Pie and English Style Fish N’ Chips. Open all day and night, complimentary with cruise fare.




NCL dining 24hr Blue Lagoon
24-Hour Eatery – Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon is a food court created ‘in honor of the midnight snack’. This complimentary 24-hour eatery is a great place to grab a burger, a stir-fry delight or a myriad of other options to fill you up in between your hours of fun on your cruise.



NCL dining 22hr Cadillac Diner
22-Hour Eatery – Cadillac Diner
While sailing on the Pride of America, hungry cruisers can head over to the Cadillac Diner—a retro-style, 50s diner-themed restaurant with all the rock ‘n roll, high-speed lookin’ seats and delicious cuisine you’re looking for. This complimentary option is available 22 hours a day.



NCL dining Main Pool Bar Grill
Main Pool Bar & Grill (Uptown Bar & Grill/Topsiders Bar & Grill)
Located just next to the pool, hot tubs and sunning area you’ll find an alternate Pool Bar & Grill to deliver that poolside meal or beverage you’re looking for. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a quick bite to eat, and then get back to exploring the wonderful entertainment and activity options on your ship. This is a complimentary dining option.




NCL dining Alternate Pool Bar Grill
Alternate Pool Bar & Grill (Bimini/Bali Hai/Sky High/Bier Garten/Key West)
Alternate Pool Bar & Grill options on your Norwegian Cruise Line cruise vacation will feature a relaxing setting to grab a drink or a tasty grilled dish by the pool. These options are usually themed towards the ship, meaning there may be bratwursts in one, and pizza in another, but all offer delicious grilled items. This venue is complimentary.




NCL dining Tapas Bar
Tapas Bar – Las Ramblas
While cruising on the Norwegian Sun, you can enjoy the worldly flavors of Las Ramblas Tapas Bar and Restaurant. The atmosphere will be bold and exciting as you’ll have the opportunity to try a great selection of hot and cold tapas, and the chance to expand your culinary palate. This venue is complimentary.




NCL dining Coffee Bars
Coffee Bars (Java Café/Atrium Café/The Coffee Bar/The Café/John Adams Coffee Bar)
You can kick back or rev yourself up with a trip to your ship’s coffee bar. Featuring a varied selection of coffee-based beverages (both hot and cold), as well as snacks, and even wine, this is the perfect area to grab a quick cup of coffee, sit back with a book and relax, or strike up engaging conversation. These venues are complimentary.




NCL dining Pubs Longboard
Pubs – Longboard
While cruising on the Norwegian Sky, there’s a place you can enjoy a breakfast treat, lunch buffet and even catch the big game. Featuring live broadcasts, sporting events and a selection of meal options, the Longboard Bar will fill you up with some seriously tasty fare and offers a great environment to watch some sports. This venue is complimentary.




NCL dining Pubs Henry's Pub
Pubs – Henry’s Pub
If you’re cruising on the Norwegian Spirit, there’s a place for a traditional pub experience with all the features you’re looking for. Grab a fish ‘n’ chips and one of Henry’s feature beers for a filling meal that you can truly enjoy. In addition, there are large screen TVs to catch a live sporting event or two, and some dart boards for a competition, if you think you’re ready. This venue is complimentary.




NCL dining Room Service
Room Service
Sometimes, it’s not about going out, but enjoying a nice exclusive meal in. With 24-hour in-room dining, you can order whatever your heart desires delivered right to your door. Have breakfast in bed, lunch on the couch or get something for that late-night sweet tooth with Norwegian Room Service. Cost: $9.95 per order.




NCL dining The Haven Restaurant
The Haven Restaurant
Note: Private dining for guests staying in The Haven Suites. Upscale, sophisticated and chic is the name of the game at The Haven Restaurant. You’ll enjoy the company of those also cruising in The Haven as you dine upon fine cuisine and raise your glass with an impressive selection from the wine offerings. This venue is complimentary.




NCL dining Studio Lounge
Studio Lounge
Are you cruising in a Studio Cabin? There’s a place for you to interact with other cruisers staying in studio cabins in the Studio Lounge. This smaller lounge offers a delightful atmosphere in which you can enjoy breakfast, as well as an afternoon or evening drink. This venue is complimentary for Studio Cabin guests.




NCL dining Specialty Dining
Specialty Dining
For those of you who enjoy a unique and specific dining experience in between your complimentary dining experiences, there are exciting, distinctive Specialty Dining Restaurants available for a fee. Pulling influence from French, Japanese, Italian and Southeast Asian culinary techniques, each venue will serve you a new and different dining environment and menu. Price varies by venue.




NCL dining Le Bistro
Le Bistro
Step into a French-inspired masterpiece of a specialty dining venue when you walk into Le Bistro. You can revel in the upscale, beautifully-designed, yet contemporary atmosphere and enjoy service reminiscent of a restaurant in Paris. Featuring wine and classic French dishes, we wish you bon appétit when you sit down for a succulent French dinner at Le Bistro. Cost: $20 per person




NCL dining Moderno Churrascaria
Moderno Churrascaria
Bold. Zesty. Plentiful. Bring your appetite, and maybe a few friends, when you choose the Moderno Churrascaria Brazilian-style steakhouse on your Norwegian cruise. Norwegian was the first to bring this incredible experience to sea : green means go, or turn your place card to red when you can’t take any more of the slow-roasted meats. Skewer after skewer of meat will make your mouth water, and you can even enjoy Moderno Signature Salad for a fully stocked salad and cheese bar. Cost: $20 per person




NCL dining Cagney's Steakhouse
Cagney’s Steakhouse
Sit down for a signature specialty dining experience at Cagney’s Steakhouse. Hearty cuts of lamb chops, perfectly grilled steaks, and other luscious choice meats are available with all the luxurious and tasty sides you’d expect from any five-star steakhouse. With a warm, inviting atmosphere, don’t forget to save a night for a Cagney’s Steakhouse experience. Cost: $30 per person




NCL dining East Meets West
East Meets West
Previously an Asian-fusion steakhouse, East Meets West is the specialty steakhouse on the Norwegian Sun. Similar to Cagney’s Steakhouse, this delicious specialty dining option offers top-notch meats, sides and service, all for the reasonable price of $30 per person.




NCL dining Bamboo
Bamboo – A Taste of Asia/Orchid Garden/Jasmine Garden /Chin Chin/Lotus Garden/Shogun/Ginza
While cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line, you’ll have the opportunity for a comprehensive Asian specialty dining experience at one of these excellent venues. Get your Pan Asian on with a five-star Japanese, Thai and Chinese-fusion restaurant, which includes a sushi/sashimi bar, a Teppanyaki room and other classic and modern Asian dishes. Cost: $15, Sushi a la carte




NCL dining Shanghai
Where can you find a supreme fusion of noodles, wok dishes, dim sum and traditional Chinese? Head into the Shanghai’s Chinese restaurant for a succulent meal, and a lively environment, in which the food is prepared in an open kitchen atmosphere from scratch. Cost: $15 per person




NCL dining Teppanyaki
The incredible contemporary Japanese cuisine isn’t the only exciting thing about the Teppanyaki restaurant. Enjoy modern Asian décor, an engaging and unique dining set-up and innovative, lively chefs cooking right in front of your eyes. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth Hibachi, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time. Cost: $25 per person




NCL dining Wasabi Sushi
Sushi and sashimi are more than just a meal at Wasabi. Feast your eyes upon the art of this culinary technique before you treat your palate to a delicious and delicate dish. Contemporary décor, unique aquarium visuals and delightful service all come standard. Cost: A la carte




NCL dining Shabu Shabu.
Shabu Shabu
For a unique specialty dining experience, be sure to check out Shabu Shabu during your cruise journey. Have your table add the perfect ingredients to create a masterful meal right in front of your eyes. This Asian-style culinary experience is known as “hot pot”—placing vegetables, spices and meats into a pot of boiling water to create a meal for you and yours. Cost: $15 per person




NCL dining Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue & Ocean Blue on the Waterfront
Famous TV personality, chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian brings you Ocean Blue—Norwegian’s first-ever seafood restaurant. This Iron Chef will bring his 25+ years of experience and demand for perfection to the onboard specialty dining venue Ocean Blue. Offering top seafood dishes, a refined wine list and Zakarian’s signature cocktails, you will have the option to dine Oceanside during the day, or in the upscale, incredible indoor dining area for dinner. There’s even the Raw Bar right next to the venue for those looking for a quick seafood fix or lighter dish. Cost: $49 per person, Ocean Blue; Ala Carte, Raw Bar




NCL dining La Cucina
La Cucina/Papa’s/Mama’s/il Adagio/ La Trattoria
Piazza-style environment, casual, family-style service and Tuscan cuisine all come with the territory in Norwegian’s take on Italian. Surround yourself with lanterns, woodwork and stone pillars as you enjoy an Italian dish that will be reminiscent of a Tuscan countryside, or even a brick-oven pizza! Communal seating available for the whole family. Cost: $15 per person




NCL dining Chef's Table
Chef’s Table
Those guests looking for a five-star, intimate, one-of-a-kind gourmet specialty experience can try Norwegian’s Chef’s Table, available fleet-wide. For two and a half hours, from reception to grand finale, each of the guests will savor a nine-course culinary adventure. Unique and modern creations will be presented in dish after dish using incredible technique and composition, with lively and energetic service all along. You’ll be able to tour the galley, get a group photo and even an individual photo with the executive chef. It’s the experience of a lifetime. Only available to 12 guests, once per cruise. Cost: $89 per person




NCL dining Cafe at the Atrium & Dolce Gelato
Café at the Atrium/ Dolce Gelato
Recharge with a delightful coffee stop or unwind with a glass of wine by visiting the Café at the Atrium. You’ll sit in an area that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the center of the ship, meeting incredible people and sipping on a nice beverage. Or, check out the Dolce Gelato nearby for some slow-churned, sweet Italian ice cream that will soothe and delight you with its rich flavor—a staple of Norwegian’s Waterfront. Both charge a la carte.




NCL dining 24/7 Pizza
24/7 Pizza
Fleet-wide. 24 hours a day. Pizza right to your door for $5. It’s as simple as that.





Beverage Packages
Beverage Packages
From classic favorite like a Moscow mule to fancier creations like the options in Sugarcane Mojito bar, these beverage packages can satisfy even the pickiest drinkers!



Learn More About Norwegian's Beverage Packages


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