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Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Package Options

Your cruise is a vacation, so why worry? These drink packages from Norwegian Cruise Line take the worry out, and put the drinks in (your hand)!


Norwegian Cruise Line offers a diverse variety of beverage packages to satisfy passengers on any of their fantastic cruises. Whether you're looking for premium liquors, name-brand alcohols, refreshing soft drinks, or an array of other tasty drinks, there's a package designed to fit your needs. Traveling with children? No worries, Norwegian Cruise Line has them covered. Depending on your destination and which ship you're traveling on, there are six unique packages to choose from. Note: All soft drinks onboard Norwegian Cruise Line are Pepsi products.

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Why should I choose a beverage package?

  • Convenience - With a beverage package, simply order, enjoy, repeat, as much as you want.
  • Transparency - No surprise bills from those delicious cocktails! Do you remember how many you had?
  • Variety - Tap water and fruit juices are complimentary, but the real thirst quenchers are included with any of the follow beverage packages.


A nice tropical drink

Premium Beverage Package

The Premium Beverage Package gives you a little bit of everything. Along with some of the world's favorite top-shelf liquors, you can sample many beers in bottles or on tap, wine by the glass, and any cocktail their bartenders can concoct. While this package is limited to guests twenty-one years or older, it also allows you access to every type of soft drink, tea, or other beverage onboard your cruise! The drinks are unlimited, so please enjoy them responsibly.

$99.00 USD per person, per day. (20% gratuity not included.)

Click here to view all included drinks in this package.



Classic dry martini

Premium Plus Beverage Package

The Premium Plus package incorporates everything included in the Premium Package with a number of high-end extras. Scotches, bourbons and cognacs, as well as fancier rums, tequilas and white spirits, top the list of preferred beverages in this package. During dinner, you get to choose select bottles of wine to enhance your dining experience. Plus, you'll receive discounts on all wine bottles and all tasting experiences for the duration of your vacation.

$128.00 USD per person, per day. (20% gratuity not included.)

Click here to view all included drinks in this package.



Various beers from The District Brewhouse

Corks & Caps Wine and Beer Package

If hard liquor isn't your thing, but you still crave the allure of a few adult beverages, this is the package for you. Sip on the same selection of beer or wines by the glass available in the Premium Package. Also, feel free to unwind with a fizzy glass of any available soft drinks.

$65.00 USD per person, per day. (20% gratuity not included.)



A bubbly soda

Adult & Teen Soda Program

This package is great for adults who choose not to imbibe, along with guests who are younger than twenty-one but older than thirteen. It grants unlimited access to all fountain sodas, all well as club soda and tonic water.

$7.95 USD per person, per day. (20% gratuity not included.)



A bubbly soda

Children's Soda Program

This is the same package as the Adult & Teen Soda Program but designed for guests under thirteen.

$5.95 USD per person, per day. (20% gratuity not included.)



A Hawaiian beverage with pineapple and jalapeno

Hawaii Beverage Package - Exclusively on Pride of America 

Pride of America is a special ship that sails to and from her port in Honolulu, Hawaii. And aboard this special ship, you're privy to a specialized beverage package. This all-ages package offers unlimited access to a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available throughout your entire cruise. This package covers onboard beverages under $15 USD.

$99.00 USD per person, per day. (20% gratuity not included.)



* Drink package details and pricing subject to change; accurate at time of publication.

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