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MSC Cruises Dining

You’ll find that you’ll have a variety of choices for cuisine on your MSC cruise, but make sure to take advantage of the delightful Italian dishes that this cruise line specializes in.


MSC dining Main Dining
Main Restaurant
Each of MSC Cruises’ ships has beautifully decorated venues serving delectable Italian-based cuisine for dinner. MSC works hard to represent their Italian roots through dishes from the entire country, as well as the surrounding Mediterranean region.


Sports Bar aboard MSC Cruises
Sports Bar
American-style food, coupled with mini-bowling, table games and console gaming make for the best game day venue at sea. From lunch to late night, drop in, grab a bite, catch a game and enjoy a variety of beers from around the world.


Tex Mex and Steakhouse aboard MSC Cruises
Tex-Mex and Steakhouse
Add a little Mexican flare to your meal with favorites, or simply indulge in a hearty meal of top-quality Angus steak and classic sides aboard MSC Cruises. Ice cold beer and tasty margaritas complement your meal for a complete dining experience.


Galaxy Disco Restaurant aboard MSC Cruises
Galaxy Disco Restaurant
In 1950s-style decor, enjoy a menu that tests the limits of your palate by combining classic favorites from all over the world. Not sure if you'll enjoy the unique combinations? Try something off the tasting menu to share with your table.


Kaito Sushi aboard MSC Cruises
Kaito Sushi Bar
Enjoy gourmet sushi, sashimi, tempura and so much more on this extensive menu featuring traditional Japanese sides and exclusive Japanese beverages. Watch our sushi experts prepare the "Best Sushi at Sea" (according to the Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships) and then find out why with just a little taste!


Eataly aboard MSC Cruises
In accordance with the Slow Food Association, Eataly transports each guest into an Italian home, enjoying timeless recipes aboard MSC Cruises. After your meal, stop by the Eataly Shop to pick up some of the freshest ingredients to try your hand at Italian cooking once you return home.


Asian Fusion Restaurant aboard MSC Cruises
Asian Fusion Restaurant
Dim Sum from China, sushi from Japan, and Pad Thai from Thailand come together to create a delicious fusion of specialties from these Asian countries. Paired with authentic Asian sides, you'll enjoy complimentary sake and plum wine at this restaurant.


MSC Yacht Club Exclusives:


Silver Service Restaurant aboard MSC Cruises
Silver Service Restaurant
A private gourmet restaurant exclusive to Yacht Club members, you will be assigned a waiter who will be there for you throughout the entire cruise. With a menu featuring Mediterranean fare and select delicacies, this restaurant is luxurious with panoramic views of the open sea.


Top Sail Lounge aboard MSC Cruises
Top Sail Lounge
All complimentary, step into the Top Sail Lounge for snacks, exclusive gourmet specialties and all-inclusive beverages. Amenities such as a private library and tabletop TVs make this the perfect place to relax for a little while.


One Pool Sundeck aboard MSC Cruises
One Pool Sundeck
Head to the top of the ship to have the best view on the ship at the One Pool sun deck. Exclusive to MSC Yacht Club members, bathe in the sun and enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages before you cool off in the pool.



Beverage Packages
Beverage Packages
When exploring the world on an MSC Cruise, make sure you always have a drink in hand! From water to wine, it's unlimited and all for you.


Learn More About MSC Cruises' Beverage Packages


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