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MSC Cruises Beverage Package Options

Enhance your vacation with any choice of the following beverage packages! While optional, many guests opt for these choices for a worry-free, inclusive cruise!


MSC Cruises aims to fulfill all their guests needs, up to and including their desire for refreshments. They offer a number of different beverage packages to allow their cruisers to select the one to best fit their whims. Whether your interest in alcoholic drinks is casual or more refined, or if you'd rather leisurely sip on soft drinks, you're likely to find an option that fits you perfectly.

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Why should I choose a beverage package?

  • Convenience - Order, sip, ah. With a drink package, you can take out the hassle of paying for each drink. 
  • Transparency - Pay up front and drink for the duration of your cruise. It's that simple, no surprises when you get home.
  • Variety - Wake up with a coffee, maybe a mimosa with breakfast, and why not a milkshake at midnight? Drink packages allow guests to enjoy a variety of beverages while onboard with MSC Cruises. 

Compare MSC Cruises Drink Packages



Some cold beers

Easy Package

The Easy Package lets you sample a little of everything. For beer, you'll enjoy Heineken draft (and, on Caribbean sailings only, Miller Lite bottles). You can also choose from various house wines by the glass, or a selection of spirits and cocktails. For non-alcoholic fare, you can treat yourself to unlimited soft drinks, both hot and cold. These drinks can be ordered at any bar, onboard buffet or restaurant, excluding specialty restaurants. For the kids, this package also includes unlimited energy drinks, juices, bottled water and even soft ice cream!

$35.00 USD per person, per day



A crisp mixed drink

Premium Package

The Premium Package allots you all the perks from the Easy Package with a wider selection of bottled and draught beers, wines by the glass and top-shelf liquors. The maximum per drink price for this package is $12 - upgraded from $6 - and you are welcome to order drinks anywhere, including the specialty restaurants.

$62.00 USD per person, per day



A bottle of Moet

Premium Plus Package

Premium Plus upgrades you to an exhaustive list of the finest premium cocktails, liquors and wines. With this plan you can also order champagne by the glass or mixed into cocktails. Additional perks include full mini-bar access, drinks and food from room service, specialty beverages from theme bar menus and a 30% discount on bottles of wine and champagne.

$79.00 USD per person, per day



Fresh orange juice

Non-Alcoholic Package

For adults not wishing to imbibe or for younger guests between the ages of 12 and 20, the Non-alcoholic Package provides unlimited soft drinks of all varieties. Drinks include non-alcoholic mocktails, fountain sodas, energy drinks, bottled mineral or flavored waters, fruit juices, hot organic tea or premium coffee and hot chocolate delights.

$29.00 USD per person, per day



Ice cold pop

Non-Alcoholic Package (for children)

Children between the ages of three and eleven are invited to enjoy the entire Non-alcoholic Package at a lower price.

$17.00 USD per person, per day



* Drink package details and pricing subject to change; accurate at time of publication.

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