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China is a destination that is on many travelers’ bucket lists, and for good reason! Between the culture, history, and food – everyone should visit China at least once. A cruise to China with MSC Cruises is the perfect way to explore some of China’s largest cities, like Shanghai. You may also have the opportunity to explore another common bucket list destination – Japan! Sailing with MSC Cruises will take you to all the destinations you’ve been wanting to see for years, while sailing on a beautiful, modern ship. For more information about cruises to China with MSC Cruises, please contact The Cruise Web’s experts at 1-800-377-9383.


Things to Do on a China Cruise with MSC Cruises


A cruise to China with MSC Cruises is the perfect time to do everything you’ve wanted to do, especially since you may also have the opportunity to explore Japan as well. Go on a food tour of Shanghai and try something new, learn how Japanese sake is made and try a little yourself, or relax sore muscles in a hot spring or explore a volcano. This is your opportunity to have the bucket list trip you’ve been planning for years – make sure you return home with memories that will last a lifetime. Please continue below for sample excursions on your cruise to China with MSC Cruises:


Shanghai, China
  • Classic Shanghai City Tour (Shanghai, China)
    Experience the best of Shanghai in this classic tour. Your exploration of this cosmopolitan city will include the Shanghai Museum, the famous Nanjing Road, the Old Town & Yu Garden, the steel and glass Jin Mao Tower, and more!


Acrobatic Performance in China
  • See a Chinese Acrobatic Performance (Shanghai, China)
    Shanghai is home to several world-class acrobatic theaters, and a trip to Shanghai isn’t complete without taking in a performance. You’ll enjoy gravity-defying contortionism, juggling, unicycling, chair-stacking, and more in a show combining traditional Chinese arts and modern technology.


Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine
  • Shrines & Shopping in Japan (Yokohama, Japan)
    Travel out of Yokohama and visit the coastal city of Kamakura. You’ll begin your outing to one of Kamakura’s most important shrines, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, then you’ll move on to the Kotokuin Temple to view the bronze statue of the Great Buddha of Kamakura. Finally, you’ll end your tour with by browsing the shops, street food stalls, and restaurants along Komachi Street.


Hot Spring in Japan
  • Relax in a Hot Spring (Sendai, Japan)
    A staple of Japan, you’ll want to relax muscles in the onsen (public baths) that surround the famous hot springs. The Sakan onsen is one of Japan’s most famous public bathhouses because of the variety of baths overlooking the Natori River. The waters are supposed to heal different ailments, but at the very least, you’ll find them relaxing.


Crater ontop of a Volcano in Japan
  • Visit Mount Usu (Muroran, Japan)
    Take a walk on the wild side and visit a stratovolcano that most recently erupted in 2000. You’ll begin your adventure by heading to the Nishiyama Crater Walking Trail – which will lead you past several of the most recent craters as well as destroyed buildings that will highlight the extreme destruction caused by a volcanic eruption. You’ll also stop at several viewpoints that will allow you to capture that coveted travel picture.


Sake Bottles on Bar
  • Learn the Sake Brewing Process (Aomori, Japan)
    If you’re looking to learn a little something about this staple Japanese beverage, take a tour of the Hachinohe Shuzo Sake Brewery. You’ll learn about the brewing process to create sake, take a short tour of the brewery, and enjoy a Sake tasting session before heading back to your ship.


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Learn more about the possible departure ports for a China cruise with MSC Cruises. Your MSC Cruises China cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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