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Windstar Cruises Beverage Package Options

Watch the wind in the sails, feel it in your hair, and enjoy an ice-cold beverage with Windstar Cruises.


Windstar Cruises delights in offering their guests intimate comforts aboard their small ships. They don't want you to get lost in the crowd like you might on a larger cruise line, rather they wish to personalize your experience while offering you a variety of amenities to enhance your cruise. With soft drinks and water already included among your perks, select beverage packages can be added on, allowing you to unwind with a variety of alcoholic beverages.

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Why should I choose a beverage package?

  • Convenience - Anything you want: order it! Once you have a drink package, the possibilities are endless.
  • Transparency - Order a glass of white, a glass of red, and avoid a glass of tears when you get that bill! Add a beverage package, and forget about it!
  • Variety - With Windstar, guests get a variety and even one unique feature! Windstar Cruises offers exotic wines and drinks hailing from the destinations on your cruise!


A bottle of Moet and some glasses

Topmast Discoveries Beer & Wine Package

As the name suggests, this package grants you unlimited access to select bottled and draught beers, as well as an intriguing selection of new and old world wines. Since Windstar Cruises travel to a number of exotic locales, the wine selections are as varied as their ships' numerous itineraries. Choose from an intense bouquet of whites, reds, roses, and sparkling to best suit your palate.

$49.00 USD per person, per day



A bottle of Moet and some glasses

Captain's Exclusive Beverage Package

For an additional $10, along with everything included in the Topmast package, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of liquors and cocktails. Most top-shelf name brands are available, including Dalmore Single Malt Whiskey which is distilled less than five miles from one of Windstar's popular Scotland ports.

$59.00 USD per person, per day



A bottle of Moet and some glasses

Windstar's All-In Package

For many guests, this package is the most economical because it includes all the amenities of the Captain's Exclusive Package along with free Wi-Fi, laundry services, and all your basic gratuities. Like the previous two packages, it also gives you a 30% discount on all bottles of wine up to $100, including champagne.

$89.00 USD per person, per day



* Drink package details and pricing subject to change; accurate at time of publication.

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