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Senior Living at Sea FAQ

Take advantage of the following collection of Frequently Asked Questions to discover more about The Cruise Web's Senior Living at Sea. If you still have questions, please call our Senior Living at Sea experts at 1-888-250-7803 to learn more.


What is Senior Living at Sea?

Senior Living at Sea is an alternative retirement option where active, independent and/or assisted living seniors reside aboard a cruise ship in seasonal or annual intervals. These seniors are typically 50+ years of age, hailing from countries around the world, but predominately North America. This is a first-of-its-kind product for senior residents interested in living a resort lifestyle at sea. This exclusive opportunity offers the luxury of world travel with enrichment and enjoyment of the "golden years."


How is the Senior Living at Sea itinerary decided upon?

Our Senior Living itineraries are carefully selected by The Cruise Web's team of travel professionals more than a year in advance. Our destination planning team focuses on building an itinerary for its uniqueness and allure to our residents, often accommodating customized requests.


Do I have to commit to a full year?

While our standard full year voyage is encouraged to really embrace our retirement lifestyle, Senior Living at Sea does offer "sample" voyages of 30-165 nights in duration.


Do residents live on the ship year-round?

Most Senior Living at Sea residents choose to live onboard year-round, but some residents "go ashore" for 30-90 days per year for various personal and professional life events (or the North American summer season).


How much does it cost to live at sea?

The cost to enjoy Senior Living at Sea varies based upon many factors - such as accommodation type and time spent ashore - most often at a considerable savings over maintaining a residence ashore.


Are there annual ownership costs to pay?

No, there is no membership or annual maintenance fee to take advantage of the Senior Living at Sea lifestyle.


Are all meals included?

Our voyages sail on vessels with complimentary dining and room service for all meal and most snacks. However, there are specialty dining venues onboard offering exceptional dining with wines from around the world at an additional charge.


Will there be laundry facilities on board?

Yes. Our carefully selected vessels offer complimentary self-service laundry facilities onboard as well as valet laundry and pressing services at a fee.


Who is the average "resident" of Senior Living at Sea?

The average residents are generally active, retired and educated explorers with a thirst for adventure, travel and a carefree lifestyle.


Where are Senior Living at Sea's residents from?

The Senior Living at Sea residents are from various countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and South Africa.


Can my friends and family join me on part of my cruise?

The Cruise Web's team has carefully chosen an itinerary for our Senior Living at Sea residents conducive to bring along family and friends as paying sailing guests for seven to 21 days at a time. This program is intended to encourage those ashore to experience the lifestyle of our Senior Living at Sea residents while enjoying quality time together exploring various destinations around the world.


What if I need medical attention while on board?

Senior Living at Sea vessels are equipped with a medical center onboard with a ship's doctor onboard. At times, nurses and additional support staff will be onboard as well. Plus, you have the option of bringing your own personal assistant or nurse and accommodating them in either your stateroom or a separate cabin.


Will I be able to get my prescriptions filled while on board?

While many of our voyages return to the US in scheduled intervals, our Senior Living at Sea residents are urged to contact their physician(s) and/or insurance company to apply for extended prescriptions or a "vacation override." Planning ahead is imperative as each company and/or medical practice is different.


What about VISAs (USA citizens only)?

Cruise lines typically secure VISAs for Senior Living at Sea residents with a valid USA Passport. There are some exceptions and you will be notified prior to departure. In select countries, should you plan to explore independently off the ship, you may be required to secure your own VISAs. Specifics should be discussed with your Senior Living at Sea consultant.

All Senior Living at Sea residents carrying valid passports for countries other than the US are encouraged to contact their consulate for required documents to travel.


What about foreign currency?

Credit card transactions are the most convenient and secure way to handle currency conversions. Alternatively, cruise lines will often offer currency exchanges before each port for Senior Living at Sea residents. The exchanges rates are inclusive of the convenience of currency conversion onboard. At times, the cruise lines will also buy back paper foreign currency after the port visit.


What about mail?

Our Senior Living at Sea residents can stay connected with their family, friends and professional associates ashore electronically via social media and various apps on their tablets or smartphones, but the easiest way to get mail is through a virtual mail service with access via any computer, tablet or smartphone. Alternatively, there are private companies like Mail Boxes Etc or UPS with mail forwarding services at a fee. Like the USPS, most private mail boxes will hold/forward your mail for up to a year.


What about bills?

Our Senior Living at Sea residents often set their bills to be paid automatically from a credit card or checking account. Many US property tax jurisdictions allow you to pay your bill online to avoid mailing payments from overseas. Planning ahead is critical prior to departure.


What about taxes?

Our US Senior Living at Sea residents file their government taxes as usual using onboard computers connected to the internet or with their tax preparer. Click here for more tax information for US passport holders.


Who can I contact with additional questions about Senior Living at Sea?

Feel free to contact our Senior Living at Sea experts at 1-888-250-7803.



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