River Cruises on the Yangtze River

Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is a powerful and beautiful waterway that will serve as your roadway through China. Most itineraries begin or end in either Beijing or Shanghai, and all of them will surely amaze and leave you yearning for more. While China river cruises all involve the Yangtze River, which is almost 4,000 miles long, many vacations aren't just river cruises. Some itineraries feature flights to cities like Lijiang in the Southwest and Beijing in the Northeast. These unique vacation options are filled with regional touches both onboard and ashore, and offer an opportunity to really explore China while ensuring you come home with a comprehensive experience. Featured below are a few of our most recommended experiences for river cruising through China on the Yangtze River:

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Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China
  • In Beijing you can see the Imperial Palace, which was where the country's famous emperors resided. You can also visit the Great Wall of China, a must-see, which stretches 5,500 miles in its entirety.
  • Explore the ancient capital of Xian, home to the Terracotta Army that was buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huang over 2,000 years ago. This â€Å"army” features more than 8,000 life-sized soldiers and over 500 horses, each unique.
Lijiang Mountain Landscape, China
  • Another stop offered on some sailings is a visit to Lijiang. This region includes beautiful mountain landscapes and interesting cultural art forms like the Lijiang Impression Show.
  • In Shanghai, tourists are fond of the Yuyuan Gardens, which take you back in time to China in the 1500s. The gardens are located near the City God Temple and feature serene landscaping and beautiful pavilions.
Potala Palace in Tibet
  • Cruise through the Three Gorges, which are three parts of the river where the land on each side seems to rocket up to the skies, creating stunning scenery as the river narrows. You will also visit the site of Three Gorges Dam, which was completed in 2012 and is the largest dam in the world.
  • Some Yangtze itineraries include stops in Tibet to visit Lhasa and tour the Dalai Lama's summer palace. Here you will also uncover the welcoming culture of Tibet and its people by visiting a monastery and a hospital to learn about the region's natural remedies.


China's Yangtze River has been the lifeblood of the region for thousands of years, shaping the cultures and people that surrounded it. China river cruises and tours are a fantastic way to be immersed in the culture and see this incredible destination in all its glory. Contact The Cruise Web today to plan the perfect Yangtze River cruise through China.


Map of the Yangtze River:

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