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Princess Cruises Beverage Package Options

Enhance your vacation with any choice of the following beverage packages! While optional, many guests opt for these choices for a worry-free, inclusive cruise!


Princess Cruises want you to feel refreshed in the most refined way possible. They don't want you to simply have a mixed drink; they want you to experience a brand new or tried-and-true recipe made with the freshest garnishes. They want you to dig deep into their expertly-crafted wine list and sample vintages from all over the world. Your coffee will be made fresh with exotic beans, and your aromatic tea served during a proper afternoon tea.

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Why should I choose a beverage package?

  • Convenience - Do you think royalty gets out their wallet, or do they just order? With a Princess drink package, you're royalty.
  • Transparency - Add a beverage package before you leave so you can drink to your hearts desire with no unexpected bills when you get home.
  • Variety - Coffee and cocktails? Why not? If you have a drink package on Princess Cruises, you can get whatever, whenever!


A bottle of Moet and some glasses

Premier Beverage Package

This package invites you to enjoy cocktail recipes from around the world, mixed with top-shelf liquors. You can also relax with a refreshing bottled or draft beer or glass of wine. Also included are specialty coffees, teas, bottled waters, and an unlimited number of various soft drinks. Every drink on the menu is unlimited and included in the Premier Beverage package, as long as it is under $12 USD.

$59.99 USD per person, per day. (price does not include 18% service charge)



Nice latte art

Premier Coffee & Soda Package

For those looking for an alcohol-free cruise, this package gives you access to Princess' enormous variety of coffees and teas, as well as juices, fountain-drink sodas, and hot chocolates. It also allows you to experience the many interesting cocktail concoctions sans the alcohol, with their delightful mocktails.

$19.99 USD per person, per day. (price does not include 18% service charge)



A crisp Coca-Cola

Classic Soda Package

If you prefer you drinks to be served over ice, this package lets you enjoy unlimited fountain sodas, fresh juices, mocktails and refreshing smoothies. Get all the sweet without the heat.

$9.99 USD per person, per day. (price does not include 18% service charge)



Refreshing Evian bottled water

New Grounds Coffee Package

This final package allows you to pre-order a select number of your favorite specialty coffees and/or teas to enjoy during your cruise. You may also order this package on the ship; however, your favorites might not be available last minute, so it's best to plan ahead. Unlimited brewed coffees and hot chocolates are also included.

Prices vary based on selection.



* Drink package details and pricing subject to change; accurate at time of publication.

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