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Yttygran Island, Russia Cruise Port

Yttygran Island is a 21-square-mile landmass in the Bering Sea, not far from the shores of Chukotka. The unique experience in visiting this lonely island is the historic array of bowhead whale bones and rock arrangements you’ll come across in your travels. This setup is affectionately known as Whale Bone Alley. The origins of these strategically placed bones, stones, and meat storage pits are unknown; however, there are a number of theories. Some believe the grouping acted as an unofficial shrine for the villages, groups, and tribes along the eastern coast. Others attribute them as markings for initiation rituals and sporting events among the indigenous people. However, the Yupik people believe they’re simply set up that way on account of the area’s historic whaling: it turned out to be the best way to store the bones and meat without having to haul the cumbersome spoils all the way across the island.


  • Beluga whales are very common in the waters around Yttygran’s coastal area. For those wishing to get up and personal with those marvels of nature, this is a prime island for viewing.
  • The island’s many hills and creased valleys are excellent spots for hiking, biking, or exploring the island on your own or in small groups.
  • Because of the unique bone and pit patterns, ecotourism has risen steadily in the region over the past few decades, which has led to the motherland welcoming a whole new type of traveler.
  • There is a selection of Eskimo or native lands in the area that steer clear from many modern amenities. Tourists are encouraged to venture through these villages if welcomed.

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