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Yoronjima, Japan Cruise Port

Yoronjima, the southernmost of the Amami islands, is a small Japanese island just over 20 kilometers in area with a population around 6,000. The town of Yoron occupies the entire island, controls a major port, and is located in the Kagoshima Prefecture. A ferry resides in the port to transport visitors to destinations in the nearby Okinawa Prefecture as well as the other Amami Islands. Tropical activities like diving and snorkeling, as well as the allure of pristine beaches, are the primary tourist activities. For those looking for more cultural fair, the Southern Cross Center has a museum dedicated to regional history alongside a few shrines. Glass-bottom boat rides are a popular large group activity, while the renting of jet skis, kayaks, or sailing vessels is an option for more intimate parties. The small, yet intricate island can be traversed by car, scooter, or on foot with plenty of restaurants and cafes to stop at along the way.


  • Learn the island’s rich history at the Southern Cross Center. Its five-story museum offers a unique theme for each floor and a breathtaking view of the entire island at the very top.
  • Gaze at the Yoron Castle ruins on the island’s south coast. While only the basic foundation remains, the simple shrine and cemetery lying within date back to the 15th century.
  • Unwind and enjoy the beautiful sea view at the Yoron Seaside Garden. Come for the flowers and charming tableau and stay to sip a coffee or tea from the local café.
  • Yurigahama Beach has a sand bar that appears and disappears along with the tide. This long beach with a view of the crystal clear water is the perfect locale for boat rentals or free-form swimming.

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