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Xian, China Cruise Port

When cruising to Xian, China you may hear it also referred to as Chang’an which is what it was called during ancient times. During the Han and Tang dynasties, the area was known as a leisure city with the natural hot springs all about the area. The hot springs are still used today as a relaxation method that many people seek out and even travel to the area just for them. Xian is as important as Athens, Cairo and Rome because of their ancient civilization capitals. Xian is not just a city filled with history and culture, but it is also now a more modern area with trendy buildings and restaurants that you can expect to see on your cruise to Xian, China. The museum of terra cotta warriors is known as the “eighth major miracle of the world”. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Xian, China:
  • Visit the many different museums including the terra cotta warriors and horses and the Lintong Museum to learn more about the area’s culture and history.
  • Sample some local traditional foods such as crystal pancakes, dumplings, cold noodles or yang rou pao mo for something new and exciting!
  • View a musical, show or parade to see the traditional dances and performances of the area.
  • See the Xian City Wall that is the most well preserved of the ancient Chinese era and is the largest ancient military fort in the world.

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