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Wurrumiyanga, Australia Cruise Port

Wurrumiyanga, which was formerly known as Nguiu is a community found on Bathurst Island, Australia. Francis Xavier Gsell is credited with founding Nguiu as a Catholic mission in the year 1911. It was later renamed Wurrumiyanga in 2010 by the Tiwi Land Council. The name means the place where the cycads grow. The first office on Bathurst Island was the Nguiu Post Office, which was opened in 1974. It is the largest settlement on the island. The island has grown over the years. Although the community is small, the region has a lot to offer tourists. The surrounding regions are also worth visiting because of the interesting activities that individuals can take part in. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Wurrumiyanga, Australia will enjoy:
  • Wurrumiyanga is a good destination for professional and aspiring photographers. It offers a lot in terms of photography options that photographers can exploit. These range from the landscape to the natural features. The good ambience also adds to the experience.
  • The area has a small population, which is ideal for people that want to spend time in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere away from crowds. A person will be assured of spending time in a peaceful area, which is relatively developed.
  • History and art lovers alike should make their way to Tiwi Designs. It is an art center in the region, which is famous for its screen printed fabrics, ironwood carvings, glass and bronze sculptures, ceramics, ochre paintings on canvas and bark, and limited edition prints.
  • The Mission Heritage Gallery is an interesting place, which is worth visiting. It has a multitude of wood carvings of birds made by the Tiwi people. The carvings are known to represent different birds from their mythology. The birds have meanings and represent an important part of the region’s culture..

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