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Wiesbaden, Germany Cruise Port

Wiesbaden is a charming German town and you’ll love getting lost here for a few hours. Wander the streets and enjoy the stunning architecture. It is one of Europe’s oldest spa towns, which means you can’t go wrong booking a day, or two, at the spa. Wiesbaden also lies at the eastern edge of the Rheinagu wine-region, so if you’re a wine enthusiast you’ll enjoy the delicious wine that keeps flowing. This picturesque town allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore streets lined with neoclassical buildings, get lost in fascinating museums and enjoy exploring. Please continue below for some of our recommended things to do in the cruise port of Wiesbaden, Germany:
  • Day at the Spa – When you’re visiting one of the oldest European spa towns, you must treat yourself to some quality time at the spa. You won’t go wrong with a day of pampering. Unwind muscles in a hot spring, enjoy a relaxing massage and simply enjoy having some time to yourself.
  • Walking Tour – The streets of Wiesbaden are lined with stunning neoclassical buildings that were rebuilt after WWII. Carve out some time to wander the streets and marvel at the beautiful architecture.
  • Museums – In Wiesbaden you’ll find numerous museums that you can spend hours exploring. You’ll find museums focused on Holocaust history, art, ancient history and more. Exploring these museums from top to bottom is a great way to spend a few hours in Wiesbaden.

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