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Wakkanai (Hokkaido) Japan Cruise Port

Located in and also the capital of the Soya Subprefecture, Wakkanai is the northernmost city in Japan. The city’s most northern point, Cape Soya on Hokkaido Island, is only 43 kilometers away from Skahalin Island, Russia, which is visible from Japan on clear days. What is now the city was originally home to the Ainu, or the native Japanese people, many of whom are now so immersed in modern Japan they are unaware of their indigenous roots. Wakkanai acts as a major trading and transportation port for the northern Japanese islands and is a gateway to the alluringly majestic Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park. The North Breakwater Dome is an enormous structure that acts as a symbol for Wakkanai’s northernmost harbor. Constructed in the 1930s and completed in 1936, the massive semi-circle is 472 meters long and is supported by 70 large pillars. It was influenced by Roman design and is entirely unique to this part of the world.


  • Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine, including some of the freshest fish at the Wakkanai Fukuko Market. Along with various fishmongers and fine restaurants, the Market also peddles regional souvenirs.
  • Travel to the northern tip of the island and see Cape Noshappu. The excellent scenic view, its dolphin clock sculpture, and Japan’s second largest lighthouse are the main draws, as well as its view of the sunset.
  • The Wakkanai City Noshappu Aquarium is a small, yet diverse habitat for unique fish and marine life. Located in Cape Noshappu, it’s easy to get to from port and well worth the short trip.
  • Share in Japanese history by visiting Wakkanai’s 100th Year Memorial Tower. Check out the stunning view from this tower built in 1979 to celebrate the centennial.

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