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Vlissingen, Netherlands Cruise Port

Cruise along the English Channel to reach the cruise port of Vlissingen in the Netherlands, located snugly between the Scheldt River and the North Sea. Vlissingen has been an official city since 1315 (although around since at least around 620 A.D.) and important since the 17th century, when it served as a main harbor for the Dutch East India Company; the English called the city Flushing or Flussingue during this period. Naturally, with this position of importance came constant attacks from the British, French, Germans, and Spanish. After World War II, the city developed into an industrial area, with tourists attracted to the city's history and the large ships that pass by. This is an excellent city to tour by bicycle; riding through the old town area or seaside is a charming way to spend an afternoon. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Vlissingen, The Netherlands:
  • Stop and smell the sea air at the Belgian Loodshuizen, flanked by lovely early 20th-century homes. This is the best place to hang out and watch talented ship captains pilot their massive boats through the Westerscheldt to and from the harbor of Antwerp.
  • Nautical lovers should visit the interestingly-named muZEEum (or MuSEAum in Dutch), the maritime museum of Zeeland. As Vlissingen has been a Holland maritime stronghold for centuries, this a great place to learn about the past with the museum's four themes: Water, Work, Glory and Adventure.
  • If you’ve got kids, either the Het Arsenaal or Carrousel provide plenty of activities. Het Arsenaal has pirates and an aquarium, with the "Crow's Nest" providing an excellent view of the city; the Carrousel is right next door and is an arcade hall with more than a hundred games. The center itself is laid out in Dutch fun-fair style and has a place upstairs for a bite.
  • Hot summers and a seaside location mean plenty of beaches to explore, many of which have the coveted "Blue Flag" status (guaranteeing high water quality and a clean beach). Look for options along the Boulevard, the Badstrand, and the Nollestrand, which are popular with tourists.

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