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Uwajima, Japan Cruise Port

Located in the Ehime Prefecture, Uwajima is a harbor town on Shikoku Island’s southwestern coast. Its Uwajima Castle dates back to the early Edo period where it stood as a cultural center with an emphasis on education and industry. Today it’s one of 12 Japanese castles with its originally Edo donjon (or keep) still intact. The Date Family Museum, named after the city’s ruling family of more than 250 years from the 17th to 19th century, contains historical heirlooms including traditional samurai armor and swords. Each July, during the heart of cruise season, Uwajima holds the Gaiya Festival which boasts a parade, bull fight, and dance contest. The festival is also known as the Warei Shrine Festival, or the Ushi-oni Festival, often based on whether the celebration is more social or spiritual. The area’s mountain setting is home to an old temple district which contains a number of ancient temples in their classic architectural glory.


  • Explore the historically important Uwajima Castle, admire the donjon, and after a brisk 10-20 minute hike, reach the top and bask in the luxurious view of Uwajima City.
  • Encounter Uwajima’s unique fertility statue that depicts a nine-foot phallus and then venture into the classical sex museum featuring erotic art by contributors from all over the world.
  • Admire the centuries-old Yusumizugaura Terrace Field where walls of stacked stone lining the Uwa Sea create a sense of scenic beauty for the neighboring village.
  • Behold the Warei Shrine; even when the festival isn’t going on, this shrine is one of the most visually stunning in the region.

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