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Utupua Island Cruise Port

While cruising to the Solomon Islands, you may float across the port of Utupua Island, located within the Santa Cruz Islands. This U-shaped, coral reef-surrounded island is high enough to climb to see the reefs from up above; there's also a forest path that lets you enjoy a leisurely trek to the top. The entire island has a population of fewer than 900 residents, mostly concentrated in the villages of Avita, Malombo, Tanimbili, Apakho, and Nembao; here you’ll find that the culture has been preserved extremely well over the years, thanks to lack of overdevelopment. Utupua Island was first discovered by one of the first Spanish female admirals in 1595, when Isabel Barreto de Castro spotted it near what used to be called Santa Cruz (and is today called Nendo Island). Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when visiting the cruise port of Utupua Island:
  • You most likely land on the island by traveling through a narrow, fjord-like entrance to reach the inner lagoon. Head toward the protected anchorage called Basilisk Bay where you can hire a guide to take you through the area and look for crocodiles (needless to say, this is not a swimming area).
  • The thickly forested island is home to plenty of mangrove trees, and there's a lot of unique wildlife that lives in this marshy area. Along with the crocodiles, watch for bats; birdwatchers can also keep an eye out for the colorful Santa Cruz ground dove.
  • With the island surrounded by coral reefs, snorkeling and diving are popular activities. Take an expedition into the clear waters to get close to indigenous tropical fish, feather stars, vase sponges, octopus, pygmy manta rays, and many more.
  • Make sure you visit the traditional villages that dot the island, full of friendly people who are extremely proud of their lush gardens (and may want to trade you some produce for what you have to offer in return). Don't be surprised if both the children and adults cheer you when you both arrive and depart.

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