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Utria Natl Park, Nuqui Harbour, Colombia Cruise Port

The Utria National Park is situated North of Nuqui on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. It is one of the most beautiful natural sceneries of the country. The park is a national landmark of the country, which is attributed to its unique beauty. It is known for its diverse flora and fauna. A tour around the island allows visitors to explore both the cultural and natural highlights in the region. There are several communities and indigenous settlements that are located deep in the jungle. The park is a good place to visit for people that want to explore nature and take part in outdoor activities. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Utria Natl Park, Nuqui Harbour, Colombia will enjoy:
  • The area is popular because of the myriad of outdoor activities that visitors to the region can enjoy. These include diving and snorkeling. Tourists will have a good time exploring the waters and enjoying the activities while soaking in the beautiful scenery, which is complimented by the impressive landscapes.
  • Hiking in the jungle will thrill visitors at the region. Visitors can take jungle walks and explore the area while at the same time exercising. It offers a good adventure through which people can also explore the diverse natural environment.
  • Animal lovers will get a rare treat. They will get the opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife. These range from the wild pigs, anteaters, deer, snakes, and frogs among others. The animals can be spotted roaming around in their natural habitat.
  • Whales are known to swim in the waters of the region. Occasionally, humpback whales can be spotted in the warm equatorial waters. A person may be lucky enough to get photos of a whale. The well-preserved ecosystem makes the park a good place to view the flora and fauna.

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