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Upernavik, Denmark Cruise Port

Upernavik is a town, which is located in Greenland, Denmark. The town was founded in the year 1772. The Kingittorsuaq Runestone was found just outside the town in 1824. It has runic characters that were left by Norsemen. It is believed that they were left there from the late 13th century. The convenient location of Upernavik provides a beautiful view of the region. The size of the settlement is small, which makes it easy to move around and everything is located nearby so walking is ideal. The town is a good holiday destination, which attracts many visitors from all across the globe annually. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Upernavik, Denmark will enjoy:
  • Birdwatchers will have a good time in the region. The area is known for the unique bird life that populates the region. Visitors can admire the sight of the birds flying around, and the beautiful scenery of the region adds to the exciting experience.
  • Upernavik Museum is located in the town, and it is the oldest museum in Greenland. It has a big collection of local art. The selection process of the artists is thoroughgoing, which ensures the best local art is displayed. Art lovers will be fascinated by the collection of art.
  • Photographers will be thrilled by the variety of good options and elements that they can take pictures of. The area is beautiful and has many locations that offer spectacular views of the region hence allowing for good photography. Photographers will appreciate the beauty of the region.
  • There are several accommodation options that travelers can choose from. They have good facilities and offer a range of activities that visitors can partake in. One good place to stay at is Gina’s Guesthouse. Staying there is pleasant and it offers a unique view of the surrounding area.

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