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Ulvik, Norway Cruise Port

Ulvik is a Norwegian village, which shares its name with the municipality within which it is located, right at the end of the Ulvikafjorden. The village and municipality are found in Hordaland County. Ulvik serves as the municipality's administrative center. The village has a rich history with memorable events such as in 1940 when it was burned down by German soldiers. They did this as a form of retaliation to the strides made by Norwegian resistance fighters who were against them. The village has a small population but it has fun and interesting amenities and facilities that tourists will appreciate. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Ulvik, Norway will enjoy:
  • Nature lovers and adventurers will be thrilled to visit this village due to the numerous hiking trails that it has. One such hiking trail is the one that leads to the Osa fjord viewpoint in the region. The trail crosses through the beautiful environment and ends at the stunning viewpoint.
  • Visitors should not miss out on the opportunity of going for a kayaking tour of the region's surrounding waters. The staff at B-Active Kayaks provide Kayaks on a rental basis for a tour of the Ulvik fjord. The tour is definitely worth trying out.
  • Literature fanatics should take the time to visit the Olav H. Hauge Centre. The center was established to preserve and share the works of the famous Norwegian poet. The establishment showcases how the poet lived, and has exhibits, a poetry workshop, and a library of poetry.
  • Visitors who are interested in the environment should join a nature workshop. Participants will get the chance to be taught about how to use the natural environment as a tool. The workshop teaches basics skills such as lighting a fire and offers the opportunity to taste natural ingredients.

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