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Uligamu, Maldives Cruise Port

In the Maldives, Uligamu (or Uligan) is an inhabited island within the northernmost 19 administrative divisions, which in this country are known as Atolls. This particular one is called the Haa Alif Atoll and is the third largest in area and population. The Atoll as a whole consists of 43 islands, only 14 of which are inhabited. Those 14 are named constituencies with their own island councils which all govern together and periodically meet on the island of Dhidhdhoo, the Haa Alif Atoll’s capital. Uligamu is one of the first islands in the Maldives to use a combination of renewable energies. These methods include solar panels on a micro grid, and large wind turbines. The roughly 300 inhabitants also play their part in keeping the island self-efficient and unpolluted. Because of its ideal location between Thailand and the Red Sea, it acts as a perfect exotic call for cruise ships.


  • This is a favorite destination for yachts traveling the Arabian Sea. Visitors on the island can catch glimpses of these luxurious boats as they weave in and out around the waves.
  • The beaches on the Maldives are world famous for being pristine and gorgeous. Uligamu’s beaches are no exception and are a great place to relax in the peaceful sun.
  • The island’s humble settlement is a quaint and simple oasis where the locals are always selling one-of-a-kind souvenirs to their many guests.
  • The surrounding waters are filled with diverse marine life, making the beaches an ideal place for swimmers and snorkelers to truly see the natural wonders of the deep.

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