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Tymlat, Russia Cruise Port

Tymlat is situated in Russia on the Tymlat River. The village is located in the Koryak Autonomous Area in Kamchatka. The climate of Kamchatka ranges from subarctic to temperate. The village was established in the middle of the 19th century as a trading post. During winter, some residents of the village use dogsleds as a means for getting around. The area is known for the abundance of commodities that people can harvest. The village is relatively small and quite, which makes it a good destination for people that prefer places that are not crowded. Visitors that want to have a fun and unique experience should make their way to Tymlat. Although it is small, there are a couple of interesting activities that visitors can partake in. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Tymlat, Russia will enjoy:
  • The State Koryak folk ensemble of dancers and singers known as Mengo is a famous cultural group in the region. The group performs occasionally and it has many fans. Moreover, their performances are entertaining. Watching one of their performances is highly recommended.
  • Harvesting of fish is popular in the region. Some of the fish that can be harvested are the pink salmon, smelt, silver salmon, and chum salmon among others. People in the region can learn more about the harvesting of fish and they can also take part in the process.
  • The area has beautiful scenery and is known for its striking landscapes. Visitors to the region will enjoy a quiet walk in the area, which is complimented by the good ambience. The locals are friendly, which is also convenient.
  • Going for a boat tour on the surrounding waters is a good way to explore the region. The boat tours are enjoyable because they offer the chance to appreciate the natural environment of the area and also the marine life.

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