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Tuamotu Atolls, South Pacific Cruise Port

Tuamotu Atolls, South Pacific The Tuamotu Atolls are an archipelago that compromise of about 80 islands. They are located in the South Pacific. About half of them are not inhabited. Geographically, the Atolls are the oldest islands in Polynesia, and they look different compared to the Society Islands. The islands offer different interesting things to do and activities to take part in, which makes the region a good place to visit. The area has signs of ancient volcanoes. An atoll is known to appear when an island sinking below sea level is surrounded completely by a coral reef. The highest points do not in most cases reach 30 feet above sea level. They are also usually covered with coconut groves that are tightly packed and lush vegetation. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Tuamotu Atolls, South Pacific will enjoy:
  • Tikehau is a beautiful island, which is found in the region. The area is known for scuba diving, which is complimented by the abundance and beauty of the fauna. Visitors who love scuba diving will enjoy a magnificent diving experience on the island.
  • Rangiroa has a good atmosphere and the scenery is breath-taking. Visitors will surely appreciate the warm sunshine and the palm trees that extend over the white sand and coral beaches. The island also boasts of a playground for numerous activities including water sports.
  • Tiputa is a village, which is located in Rangiroa. It does not have many tourist facilities but it offers a relaxed atmosphere and visitors can get a sense of atoll life on the island. Going on a boat tour in the region adds to the experience.
  • At Mataiva visitors will get the rare opportunity to visit Marae Papiro. It is an ancient ceremonial platform, which was constructed by large cut coral blocks. It is an important archaeological site in the region. Archaeology enthusiasts and history lovers will be fascinated by the traditional temple.

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