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Tuam Island, Papua New Guinea Cruise Port

Within the South Pacific and Siassi Islands you'll find the lovely raised coral cruise port of Tuam Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Situated in Morobe province (the country's largest), Tuam Island is sometimes called the "Gateway to the Highlands," featuring both mountains and rainforests; residents here consider the larger nearby island of Umboi their mainland. You'll also find the friendly Bismarck Archipelago people on the island, who tend to greet cruise ships with singing and dancing. If you're looking for authentic souvenirs to take home, keep an eye out for the many handcrafted items for sale, including spondyllus shells, dog's teeth, and headdresses fashioned from balsa wood and sago bark. This is absolutely an adventure for getting away from it all, and enjoying the hot tropical climate, perfect for different types of outdoor sports. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Tuam Island, Papua New Guinea:
  • As to be expected, snorkeling and diving are popular in the coral reefs that surround the island. Here you’ll find brilliant marine life such as lemon damsels, blue-green chromis, brain coral, and much more. Depending on where you dive, you might also come across one of the sunken World War II wreck sites.
  • If you want to see the marine life but don't want to go underwater, take a tour on a glass-bottomed boat, or take a kayak if you want to focus on more land-based attractions from afar.
  • Take a guided trek through the jungle and keep an eye out for its many birds, including cockatoos, parrots, hornbills, and birds of paradise.
  • Spend more time with the villagers, who are eager to please tourists. If you prefer to spend your time on the island in solitude, sit under a palm tree on one of the many stretches of sand and watch the waves roll in.

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