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Treasure Island (Juventud), Cuba Cruise Port

Isla de la Juventud, or the Island of Youth, is Cuba’s second-largest island at around 850 square miles, and is also the seventh largest island in the West Indies. The island’s population is over 100,000 with a large majority of its citizens residing in the capital city of Nueva Gerona. Originally discovered by Columbus in 1494 on his second voyage to the West Indies, he named it La Evangelista and claimed it for Spain, his benefactors. At various points in history, ownership of the island changed hands and it was christened with many different names. At one point in history it was the infamous Treasure Island, inspiring such works of English literature like Robert Louis Stephenson’s Treasure Island and J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, which also featured pirates. The island’s intricate system of caves is a popular and expansive activity for tourists, along with hiking, boating, swimming and diving.


  • The caves aren’t only an amazing experience because of their beautiful paths and stalactites; there are also Indian cave paintings that date back hundreds of years.
  • Bibijagua Beach is a stunning beach covered in marble rock and black sands that glisten in the moonlight when the tides hit them just right. The warm waters are also great for swimming.
  • The island’s most famous attraction is the Modelo Prison. It’s massive at five stories and has an imposing circular design; this is where Castro and his rebellious conspirators were held after a failed raid early on in his eventual coup.
  • A number of government-owned stores are particularly operated to supply visitors with Cuba’s most sought-after exports: rum, cigars and coffee.

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