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Talan Island & Zavyalov Island, Russia Cruise Port

Talan Island and Zavyalov Island are situated in the Sea of Okhotsk and are part of the Magadan Oblast of Russia. The islands are located in Taui Bay. Four different rivers empty into it. Talan Island is smaller compared to Zavyalov Island. The latter is mountainous and is known to be the Steller sea lion’s breeding site. Both of the islands are uninhabited but they are still good places to visit. They have not experienced any human development and remain unspoiled completely. In addition, there are a couple of animals that visitors can see on the islands. Listed below are some of the interesting and recommended activities, and features that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Talan Island & Zavyalov Island, Russia:
  • Visiting the islands offers people the chance to see and get up close to some of the wildlife in the area. Some of the animals that people can see on the islands are sea lions and seabirds. Many people visit the islands just to see the animals.
  • The islands are known for their impressive landscapes. Visitors to the region will surely enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the area. They can be best explored on foot in certain areas. The natural elements and features found on the islands are fascinating.
  • Photographers will definitely enjoy a tour of the islands. There are many natural elements and features that make for good photography options and subjects. Aside from the features and elements, photographers can also take pictures of the wildlife found in the region.
  • Zavyalov Island is a good place to visit for people that love plants. The dwarf birch Betula middendorffii, and the Siberian dwarf pine (Pinus pumila) are some of the plants that grow on the island. People can see the plants and learn more about them on the island.

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