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Szczecin, Poland Cruise Port

Szczecin is a city located in Poland. It is situated close to the Baltic Sea and is the 7th largest city and a major seaport of Poland. The history of the city as far as records are concerned dates back to the 8th century. From the year 1999, the city has been the official site of the headquarters of the Multinational Corps Northeast. The area is known for its architecture inherited from varied ages, its rich history as well as several interesting establishments such as the museums that are worth visiting. Travelers to the region will have the chance to choose between a wide array of things to do and activities to take part in. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Szczecin, Poland will enjoy:
  • A good hotel to stay at in the region is Hotel Novotel Szczecin Centrum. The rooms are spacious and the location of the hotel is ideal. It is strategically located near several of the best places that tourists frequent, which is ideal for travellers.
  • Buddha Thai & Fusion Restaurant is known to serve good food in the area. The food is great and this is complemented by the great ambience. Visitors can indulge in tasty Thai food at the establishment and the service is above average.
  • People who want to get more insight into the history of the region should make their way to the National Museum’s Department of Art. It is found in the palace that was once the Pomeranian parliament. It has an interesting collection of religious art.
  • Architecture enthusiasts and history lovers should visit the Historical Museum of Szczecin. It is a 15th century Gothic Town Hall, which is regarded to be among the most architecturally magnificent buildings in the city. It is famously known for its architectural elements and designs.

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