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Sumba Island, Indonesia Cruise Port

The cruise port of Sumba, Indonesia was inhabited by Melanesian and Austronesian people before colonization by western Europeans in the 1500s. Quite impressively, it has retained much of its cultural practices, especially in the traditional villages where megalithic burial sites are revered. Located in Eastern Indonesia in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, the cruise port of Sumba, Indonesia is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands but no less stunning, fascinating and captivating than the other islands. Its distinctive flora and fauna, coral limestone and exotic species of birds make up for its lack in mineral resources and lush green landscape. For curious globetrotters, there’s something special in the water that would make you fall in love with this less than perfect continental fragment that “broke off from Africa or Australia and floated to the edge of the line of volcanic islands of Indonesia.” While cruising to Sumba, Indonesia, pay close attention to the remarkable detail in the cracks and crevices found in the following places of interest:
  • Create unforgettable memories by the hidden crystal clear waters of Weekuri Lake. It is absolutely magical for first time visitors as amazingly striking coral reefs make their home in the salty blue and green colored lake. Watch the sunset on its surrounding cliffs and marvel at the spectacular scenery that carves out a one-of-a-kind uniqueness for this attraction.
  • Tarung Cultural Village provides great scenery for traditional architectural lovers. Located in the middle of Waikabukak town, this megalithic site has natives that follow their authentic tradition with little outside influences. Their houses and burial grounds are built according to guidelines passed down from generation to generation. Even though Christianity and Islam have permeated their culture, their traditional beliefs are still practiced in its purest form.
  • Enjoy a refreshing and well-deserved scenic view of Lapopu Waterfalls after making it through a maze of cobblestones. This attraction is considered the highest waterfall in East Nusa Tenggara and boasts a unique stair-shape. Formed by the fault movement in the river flow, the cascading waterfalls is a sight to behold and the anticipated plunge is no less intriguing.

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