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Sulawesi, Indonesia Cruise Port

Sulawesi is an island, which is located in Indonesia and is one of the Greater Sunda Island. It is classified as the eleventh largest island in the world. Its name is believed to have been derived from the words sula and besi that mean island and iron respectively. The name is regarded to refer to the historical exportation of iron from the rich iron deposits of Lake Matano. After Indonesia gained independence, the name become common. The island was formerly known as Celebes, which was a name it was originally given by Portuguese explorers. The area boasts of sandy beaches and a wide variety of fish. It also has jungles and mountains that are filled with wildlife. Listed below are some of the activities and features that people cruising to Sulawesi, Indonesia will definitely enjoy:
  • Sulawesi is popular for its flora and fauna. The area has several parks that are home to some of the animal species in the region. One of the most notable parks is Bunaken National Park. It protects a coral ecosystem and has been proposed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Animal lovers should not miss out on the opportunity to see the variety of animals that are located in the region. It is approximated that there are 127 known species of mammals on the Island. Some of the species are endemic only to the island.
  • Bird watchers will be thrilled and fascinated by the variety of bird species found in the area. Some of the birds are only found on the island and the surrounding regions. The island offers the opportunity to see birds that are rare.
  • The island’s surrounding waters have an abundance of marine life. The island offers the opportunity for tourists to explore the waters. The island has multiple endemic species of freshwater fish. Aside from fish, crabs, shrimps, and snails can also be spotted.

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