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Stromness, Orkney Islands Cruise Port

Stromness is a town that is found in Orkney, Scotland. It is also a parish and its capital is the town of Stromness. The name Stromness is derived from the Norse Straumsnes. Straum is a reference to the strong tides that tear past the point of Ness via Hoy Sound towards the South of the town. Nes, on the other hand, means headland. Stromness in turn, means headland protruding into the tidal stream. During the times of the Vikings, the anchorage where Stromness is now situated was known as Hamnavoe, which means safe harbor or peaceful. The town offers a variety of interesting and fun activities that people can take part in. It is also a good entertainment holiday destination. Listed below are some of the activities and features that people cruising to Stromness, Orkney Islands will definitely enjoy:
  • Stromness Museum offers the opportunity to learn about the history of the town. It gives insight into the towns past and its evolution for hundreds of years. It also exhibits displays and important collections that are tied to the town’s history.
  • Art enthusiasts will be delighted by the outstanding and extensive collection of British art at the Pier Arts Centre. The collection was donated by Margaret Gardiner who was a peace activist, author, and philanthropist. The center also exhibits works of sculptors and artists from Orkney.
  • Many visitors are drawn to the region by the outdoor activities that revolve around the sea. The region has a proud maritime heritage and offers interesting activities that tourists can enjoy. These range from fishing, diving, and sailing among others.
  • The area is a good place for cycling and walking. Exploring the island on foot offers the ideal way to discover the area and allows one to admire the beautiful native animals and impressive landscapes.

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