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Steeple Jason Island, Falkland Islands Cruise Port

Steeple Jason Island is part of the Jason Islands that are in the Falkland Islands. None of the islands that make up the Jason Islands have ever been inhabited properly. In the 1980s, Steeple Jason was used for grazing. The island has remains of a shearing shed that is no longer being used. Steeple Jason is regarded as the most dramatic in the Jason Island group. The group of islands are either owned by government owned national nature reserves or nature reserves that are privately owned. The island is known for its wide variety of wildlife, which is attributed to why many tourists head to the region annually. Listed below are some of the activities and features that people cruising to Steeple Jason Island, Falkland Islands will certainly enjoy:
  • Steeple Jason Island is a good destination for people that want to see and get up close to wildlife. Steeple Jason harbors the largest black-browed albatross colony in the world. Other birdlife found in the region include Gentoo penguins, tussac-birds, and rockhopper penguins.
  • There are many different birds that can be spotted on the island and the surrounding regions. Birdwatchers should not miss out on the opportunity to see the large number of birds, which roam and fly around freely on the island.
  • The island is an ideal place to visit for photographers. Visitors can take pictures of a myriad of things from the natural elements to the animals that nest and breed in the region. The landscapes and scenery are perfect for photography.
  • The island is not only ideal for adventure seekers but it is also a good place to relax and unwind, as the island is quiet, due to the small number of people that are found on it. It is a perfect destination for people that prefer solitude or less noisy places.

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