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Staffa, Scotland Cruise Port

Staffa is an island located in Scotland. It was given the name by Vikings because its columnar basalt reminded them of their houses that were built from tree logs that were placed vertically. Staffa is situated about 10 kilometers west of the Isle of Mull. The island became prominent in the late eighteenth century after Sir Joseph Banks visited it. Banks together with his companions praised the region's natural beauty of the basalt columns and the main sea cavern of the island, which he renamed Fingal’s Cave. Their visit encouraged other notable personalities for the next two centuries to visit it. These include Queen Victoria and Felix Mendelssohn. Listed below are some of the recommended features, activities, and aspects that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Staffa, Scotland:
  • Animal lovers will get the chance to see a number of animals on the island and the surrounding waters. These include gray seals, pilot whales, basking sharks, minke whales, and dolphins. The animals can easily be spotted in their natural habitat.
  • Bird watchers will get the opportunity to see a wide range of birds that nest on the island. These include puffins, common shags, gulls, and black-legged kittiwakes. The region has a fairly large puffin colony. The puffin and guillemot colonies can be found on the West Coast.
  • A person should go on a boat trip around the island. The trips from Ulva Ferry, Oban, and Fionphort on Mull and Iona give visitors the opportunity to view the animals and caves on the island. Boat tours offer a great way to explore Staffa and the surrounding areas.
  • Staffa is without a doubt a photographer’s paradise. Photographers can get good pictures of the animals that inhabit the island as well as the natural features and elements evident throughout the area. The beautiful scenery and impressive landscapes also compliment photography.

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