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St. Petersburg, Russia Cruise Port

In the grand scheme of things, St. Petersburg is actually a modern city. It wasn’t developed until the 1700s and in 1712 Peter the Great moved Russia’s capital here from Moscow. However, it was only temporary as Moscow reclaimed its capital status just 200 years later in 1918. Despite the city’s relatively short timeline, St. Petersburg has maintained its beautiful architecture and its standing as the country’s cultural capital. Cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia and you will find beautiful Baroque and neoclassical buildings along with large open squares, parks and gardens. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of St. Petersburg, Russia:

  • A trip to St. Petersburg is not complete without a visit to The Hermitage. This is an art museum with renowned paintings and sculptures, all housed in the Winter Palace.
  • Attend an amazing ballet or opera performance at the Mariinsky Theater, which is perhaps better known by its former name, the Kirov.
  • Tour the well-preserved Summer Palace of Peter the Great, built in 1710.
  • Learn about Dmitry Mendeleev, the scientist who created the periodic table of elements, at the Mendeleev Museum.
  • Step inside St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which took 40 years to build. The Cathedral is filled with beautiful decorations and 220 pounds of gold were used for the dome.

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