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St. Lawrence River Cruise Port

The Saint Lawrence River offers scenic cruising for very special and unique trips along the northeastern border between Canada and the United States. This great river is close to 800 miles long and stretches from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the span of the river widens considerably near Quebec City as it becomes the St. Lawrence Estuary. Many roundtrip cruises begin in Quebec City or other parts of Montreal and take the long trip north along the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, around News Brunswick, past Nova Scotia, and then back south to Quebec. The big draws for these cruises are the dramatic and varying scenery on calm enough waters, so even those prone to seasickness shouldn’t be negatively affected with the proper precautions. Shorter cruises are available; these generally go from the New York or Boston area to Quebec, and still last about a week.


  • The long river, estuary, and gulf are home to a variety of whales, including Beluga, Humpback, Sperm, Minke, and the Northern bottle-nosed whale.
  • Trace the path of Jacques Cousteau who traveled to Canada in the 1980s to make two films: Cries from the Deep and St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea.
  • The helpful and knowledgeable crews on these monumental treks are always ready to impress with great information on the history and culture of the areas around the mighty river.
  • Quebec City is a highlight within itself, featuring beautiful architecture and cathedrals, restaurants featuring exotic cuisine, and quaint streets with little shops and activity centers.

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