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St. Jean de Losne, France Cruise Port

Situated at the southern end of the canal, this quaint tourist hub of St. Jean de Losne is a very active place where barges are being built, rebuilt, repaired, sold and converted. It is one of the smaller cities of France with 36 acres of land for 20 acres of water; however its unique charm is in the cracks of its historical structures and the beauty of the Saône River. During specific times of the year, you might find decorated lamposts and shop fronts with piping music everywhere – but one thing is certain; red wine, bread and cheese are a staple of the town and can only be missed by choice. Cruising from St. Jean de Losne is the perfect start to your Burgundy and Provence river cruise in France:
  • The large Gothic church known as Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste contains a beautiful 18th century organ, an impressive pulpit carved from red stone Sampans and beautiful glazed tiles that bring out the medieval symbolism in this outstanding architectural piece.
  • The statue of the Virgin Mary, stained glass windows and substantial 18th century organ in Dole Collegiale Church highlight the significance of this dominating architectural structure found in the Jura department. Its decorative western entrance added in 1565 and large bell tower usher you in with much needed tranquility.
  • The beautiful varnished tile roofs and overhead skylights of Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune is a must-see. Built for the poor and most disadvantaged in the city, it now stands as a reminder of the brilliance displayed during the Renaissance period and one of Burgundy’s most cherished gems.

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