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St. Denis, Reunion Islands Cruise Port

Cruise through the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar to reach the Reunion Islands, a French overseas region and department of Réunion, and the bustling port of St. Denis (or Saint-Denis). You’ll find the city at the island's most northern point, near the mouth if the Rivière Saint-Denis. Founded by Étienne Regnault (who became the first governor of Réunion), St. Denis was named for a ship sailing with the French India Company and became the capital of Réunion island in 1738. The city contains most of the island's residents, and is made up of multiple neighborhoods. Thanks to its historical background, St. Denis is a cultural hub with a number of significant buildings, monuments, and museums to explore. There are also plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, many of which reflect the heritage of the island. Here some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of St. Denis, Reunion Islands:
  • In the heart of the city is Jardin de l'Etat, the historic botanical garden built from 1767 to 1773. With plenty of space to wander and soak in nature, there are benches on which to rest and do some people watching. You'll also find the Natural History Museum within the park's grounds.
  • For a more interactive park experience, come to the family-friendly Parc du Colorado. There are plenty of hiking trails and places for the kids to play, as well as picnic areas and a nearby restaurant. There are breathtaking views of the sea, city, and hills from the top of the trails.
  • Religious history and architecture fans should visit the Cathedrale de Saint-Denis de La Reunion. Designed by Jean-Baptiste Dumas, the church was built between 1829 and 1832; it's still flanked by quaint cobblestone streets and has a peaceful fountain out front.
  • While the city has several museums, one of the best is the Léon Dierx Museum (Modern Art Museum). Here you can see works done by local artists along with the greats such as Picasso, Renoir, and Gauguin. Founded in 1911, the colonial-style villa was originally the official bishop's residence.

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