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Sonsorol Island, Palau Cruise Port

Deep within the western Pacific Ocean is the quiet cruise port of Sonsorol Island, Palau. Sonsorol is one the 250 islands that make up the Republic of Palau; Sonsorol, along with the Hatohobei state, create the collective Sonsorol Islands. Sonsorol Island also goes by the name Dongosaro or Dongosaru, the latter of which is also the name of the island's only village. The known settlements of Palau reach back around 3,000 years and were first explored by Europeans in the 16th century. As Sonsorol Island and the neighboring island of Fanna are surrounded by a coral reef, they're popular spots for snorkelers. Palau is also known for its diving possibilities, with sites such as Blue Corner full of sharks. Explorers who love lush forests will find the island covered in coconut palms and other types of trees. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Sonsorol Island, Palau:
  • With a diverse range of marine life and terrain around the island, divers have plenty of choice. Whether you prefer calmer waters or those with a strong current, there are a number of dive centers that can help you encounter creatures both great and small.
  • Kayaking trips are also a good way to see the island from above the ocean; take one of the guided kayak tours to get more insight on ancient Palauan villages, caves, and other points of interest.
  • Those looking to do a little wrestling with a fish or two might consider a fishing trip; the guides here can show you the best places to find marlin or tuna. And when you’re ready to just kick back and sit in the sun, the larger cabin boats provide plenty of lounge space.
  • If you prefer to stay away from the water for the time being, there are multiple land tours available. Take a hike to get closer to nature, and then visit the friendly people that call Sonsorol State home.

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