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Solor Islands, Indonesia Cruise Port

The Solor Archipelago is comprised of a group of islands that are located in Indonesia. The three main islands, which are also the largest that make up the Archipelago are Solor, Adonara, and Lembata. The main languages that are spoken in the region are the national language of Indonesia, Lamaholot as a lingua franca, and other local languages, such as Adonara. The islands have numerous cultural links with the Larantuka region of Flores. Many years ago, the region was divided into two due to conflict between the Demon and the Paji. The Demon backed the Raja of Larantuka, whereas the Paji remained loyal and backed the Raja of Adonara. Fighting seized, however, the island of Adonara is still known as the Island of Murderers. Listed below are some of the activities and features that people cruising to Solor Archipelago will surely enjoy:
  • The region is immensely popular, due to whale hunting. Lamalera is one of the villages, which is located on Lembata that offers fishing trips where people can spot whales. Here, a person can see different types of whales that are common in the area.
  • Solor Archipelago is known for its beautiful scenery and impressive landscapes. There are numerous spots on the different islands where the view is simply breath-taking. For example, Lembata Island has beautiful scenery, which includes an active volcano and many other natural features.
  • Visitors should not miss out on the opportunity to go hiking in the region. Walking allows a person to explore the islands and to get close to the natural features. The region is fairly wide which offers many hiking options.
  • People that want to learn more about history and culture should cruise to Solor Archipelago because the villages offer people the chance to learn about the traditions of the locals. Various structures in the region, such as the stone fort in Solor Island are also of historical significance.

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