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Sochi, Russia Cruise Port

Perhaps best known for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi is a Russian city located on the Black Sea near where Russia borders Georgia and Abkhazia. The Black Sea area, particularly Sochi, is considered an intimate resort area, despite its large size, because of the surrounding mountains. Tourists on guided or cruise-sponsored tours often travel into the heart of the city where monuments and important historical sites are in abundance. Leisure seekers are more drawn to the impressive scenery, sandy beaches, lush parks, health spas and mineral springs. The seafront promenade offers a breathtaking botanical garden within the Riviera Park which is decorated with extravagant statues and pools. This area is also the site of Josef Stalin’s former dacha (house). Further along the shores there are caves to explore as well as rafting, parasailing and jet skiing. In the more rural area sits a great tea plantation where you can enjoy traditional Russia songs and dances.


  • Years after the Olympics, Sochi remains a prominent site for sports. The massive Singing Fountains in the heart of the city act as a symbol for their sporting affinity.
  • For a stunning depiction of nature beyond the city atmosphere, visit the Agura Waterfalls. These marvels of nature reach heights up to 90 feet.
  • The Riviera Dolphinarium is an exotic enclosure housing many dolphins. Their trainers help the dolphins perform amazing feats for the audience, and while the show is almost entirely in Russian, the grand spectacle transcends language.
  • For amazing panoramic views, climb to the top of the Observation Tower of Akhun Mountain. After riding up the mountain in comfort, you’ll have to trudge through the tourist area and scale the many tower steps, but the view is worth it.

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