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Sinop, Turkey Cruise Port

Sinop, which was historically known as Sinope is a city that is located in Turkey on the side of the Black Sea Coast. It was founded by colonists from the Miletus Aegean port. It is the capital of Sinop Province and is popular mainly because of its rich history and historical sites and attractions. Currently, the city is designated to be the site of the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant, which is going to cost roughly $15.8 billion. The city’s name was adopted for the outermost satellite of Jupiter. The crater of Mars is named after the city. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Sinop, Turkey:

  • People into religion will definitely appreciate Balatlar Church, which is also known as Sinope Koimesis Church. It was built in 660 A. D. and since the year 2009, it has been the scene of archaeological excavations. The excavations have provided the world with a lot of insight into religion.
  • The Erfelek Tatlica Waterfalls is a lovely and nice place to visit. The location is ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Hiking is an added activity that visitors can take part, which adds to the experience. It also offers the opportunity to see some striking views of the region.
  • For people into history and artefacts, visiting the Sinop Archaeology Museum is highly recommended. There are many historical pieces, amphoras, sculptures, and icons at the facility, that are interesting and beautiful to look at. The museum has many exciting things and at the same time offers a learning opportunity.
  • The Sinop Fortress Prison is one of the historical sites, which is worth visiting. It was a state prison and is one of the oldest prisons found in the country. Although it was closed down, it is still a popular facility which has been featured in stories of well-known writers.

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