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Silistra (Varna), Bulgaria Cruise Port

Varna is considered to be the largest Bulgarian city, which is found on the country's Black Sea Coast. The city is the third largest in the whole country. It is also the site of the largest seaside resort on the country's Black Sea Coast; this could be attributed to why the city is often referred to as Bulgaria's marine capital. Varna is a very popular tourist destination due to its rich history and the natural beauty that it holds throughout its diverse landscape. Its main tourist season is during the summer which stretches from early May to early October. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Silistra (Varna), Bulgaria:

  • History buffs should take the time to visit the Varna Archaeological Museum. The museum boasts of over 100,000 artifacts and monuments that were found in Northeast Bulgaria. However, the highlight of all those is the Gold of Varna, which is the oldest gold treasure in the whole world.
  • Fans of naval history should pay a visit to the city's Naval Museum. It is a strong symbol of the city which was constructed in 1890. The museum's most prized exhibit is the naval destroyer called “Drazki” that was placed in the museum in 1957.
  • Nature lovers should take the time to visit the Sea Garden, as it is considered to be the oldest and the largest park in the country and was established in 1894. The park boasts some busts of the country's historical figures, a terrarium, a zoo, cycling paths, and pedestrian walkways.
  • Animal lovers should definitely not miss out on a visit to the Varna Dolphinarium because it is the only existing dolphinarium that lies on the Balkan Peninsula. The venue was built in 1984 and has the capacity to seat 1,134 people.

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