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Shumshu, Kuril Islands Cruise Port

Shumshu is also known as Shumushu, an island that is part of the Kuril Islands chain, which cuts in-between the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk. The island is considered to be the second-Northernmost of all the islands in the Kuril archipelago. The island's name, Shumshu, is derived from the Ainu language. Direct translation of the name means “good island”. Shumshu Island's popularity as a tourist destination is on a steady incline due to the numerous features that it boasts. The island's terrain is low-lying and this makes it the island that is least elevated in the entire Kuril archipelago. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Shumshu, Kuril Islands:

  • History buffs should be thrilled to find out that the island used to be occupied by the Japanese Army during the Second World War. This means that exploring the island could lead to some interesting finds of some memorabilia and war artifacts, such as old tanks.
  • Adventurers should take the time to explore the island on foot. Shumshu has been blessed with a very diverse landscape that is ideal for trekking. Visitors would get the chance to ascend Mt. Ebeco, which is an active volcano that has three craters.
  • Nature and animal lovers should take the time to visit the Chakonchi cape on the island. Here, visitors get a chance to see some of the sea animals as they come to bask in the sun; it is especially known as a site for seals and sea otters.
  • A visit to the Baikovo village on the island would also be a worth-while trip for any history buff or curious tourist. The village was a Japanese military station and has some attractions like the tombs of the first settlers and other historical monuments.

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