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Shoyna Village, Russia Cruise Port

Shoyna Village is one of the villages, which is located on the Northern coast of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia. The coastal village is situated on the Kanin Peninsula. It was founded by some fishing families in the 1930s and its name is attributed to the Shoyna River. The small village prospered through fishing activities since the region has an abundance of fish and other marine wildlife. However, after the 1950s the fish populations diminished rapidly due to overfishing and reckless trawling. The village is considered to be a unique tourist destination due to it being regarded as the world's Northernmost desert. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Shoyna Village, Russia:

  • Bird watchers and nature lovers alike should take the time to visit the nearby Shoyninsky State Nature Reserve, which is to the North of the village. The reserve was established so as to protect the seasonal staging area where the endangered lesser white-fronted goose usually frequent.
  • Bird watchers and curious adventurers should pay a visit to the Shoyna marsh. It was only recently discovered by some Dutch researchers that the marsh is a vital stopover point for other species of geese like the barnacle and brent geese.
  • A visit to the village itself is an interesting activity for tourists to take part in. Here, visitors can interact with the small population of locals as they get the chance to view their lifestyle and see some of the houses that get buried in the sand overnight.
  • Visitors should definitely try to explore the village's shores and surroundings on foot. The shores have some shipwrecks that date back to the prosperous fishing days, and the surroundings provide a great opportunity to trek on the sand dunes and get stunning panoramic views of the village.

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