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Shibaozhai, China Cruise Port

Shibaozhai is a hill that is located along the Yangtze River bank in China. This craggy and rocky hill is known for its extremely steep sides and is about approximately 200 meters or 660 feet tall. On the hill’s river side is a red pavilion which provides a walkway to the temple that is located at the top of the hill. Many tourists from all over the world visit the island on a regular basis to tour both the pavilion and the temple. At the hill’s base along the river bank there are several merchant stalls that sell a wide variety of items. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Shibaozhai, China:
  • The temple is striking due to its unusual shape. Its bright golden gate is large and also stands out. It is a 12 story structure, which has 9 of the floors that contain plenty of artwork. Visiting the temple is ideal for people that appreciate art and religion.
  • Photographers will be thrilled to visit the hills because it has plenty of spectacular features and elements to photograph. These range from the temple, pavilion and the whole region in general. One can be assured of getting beautiful pictures to mark the visit.
  • A river tour is one of the activities that a person can engage in. A visitor will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the region, and exercise at the same time while climbing up and down the river which is also an added advantage.
  • Travellers should definitely explore the nearby attractions that are also immensely popular. One such attraction is the Ciqikou Old Town. It is a good destination which is near the area where a person can enjoy good food and buy interesting commodities.

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