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Sepik River, Papua New Guinea Cruise Port

Imagine cruising through the gorgeous island of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to reach port: You can via the Sepik River, the longest on the island at around 700 miles. Its waters reach Broken Water Bay, after flowing through the provinces of Sandaun and East Sepik. The landforms that accompany the river range from swampland to tropical rainforests to mountains, and the river itself is possibly the largest body of uncontaminated freshwater in entire the Asia-Pacific region. The river has a serpentine pattern, like that of the Amazon, and flows directly into the Bismarck Sea; with no deltas to hinder its path, most of the river is navigable. The people who live on the river are typically those whose descendants have done so for thousands of years, using its waters for food and transportation. Listed below are some of our favorite experiences when cruising along the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea:
  • With multiple cultures represented along the river, you'll be hard-pressed to determine which is the most fascinating. Two known for their Haus Tambarans (Spirit Houses) are the Perembei and Kanganaman; check out the carved ancestral figures that decorate the houses, and listen to the native guides as they tell you stories about their totems and ceremonies.
  • Crocodiles are a prominent animal in PNG culture, with many tribes feeling an affinity to these reptiles. You may see scarring that's supposed to resemble scales; this is seen as a rite of passage and initiation for boys to become men.
  • Birdwatchers will be delighted by the sheer numbers of species that can be spotted on the river cruise. The birds of paradise alone are numerous; keep an eye out for Goldie's bird of paradise, the blue bird of paradise, the black-billed sicklebill, and countless others.
  • For a real adventure, take a rafting trip through the Sepik, a more intimate trip that will get you into more remote areas. Traverse down the river through wild jungle corridors, observing plants, animals, and people, as you head back to sea.

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