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Senzaki, Japan Cruise Port

Senzaki is a small town in the Ostu District of Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture. While it isn’t a large destination, it offers plenty of sights and is one of the stops on the West Japan Railway Company. Famous Japanese poet Misuzu Kaneko was born in town and there’s a museum here dedicated to her life and work. Nearby Omijima Island is a tourist hub connected to the Senzaki Penisula by a large road bridge. Many beaches and coves stretch out along Omijima’s shoreline—perfect for strolls, swimming, and various water activities such as scuba diving. The island also boasts numerous rock sculptures and tunnels that were formed over time by the ocean’s waves and currents. Fresh fish markets and little independent shops fill out the area around port and are perfect places for cruisers to unwind and drink in the local culture. There are also many tempting traditional hot springs at the edge of town.


  • Explore the Misuzu Kaneko Memorial Museum and learn about the life and works of the “Nursery rhyme poet” who was born in Senzaki in 1903.
  • Relive the early Edo period by visiting the Taineiji Shrine. This tranquil stop features ponds and bridges, as well as many tall, flowing trees which enclose the intimate site.
  • Experience the spices and fresh seafood at the Senzaki Kitchen Market which includes an open BBQ and fish caught directly from the wharf.
  • Gaze and be amazed by the Motonosumiinari Shrine. 123 gates blaze a path downhill to the ocean, offering a different, yet wonderful view from top and bottom.

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