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Senggigi, Indonesia Cruise Port

Located on the Indonesian island of Lombok, Senggigi is the busiest and main tourist hot spot that contains several miles of beachfront just north of the capital city of Mataram. The strip has many stunning natural points of interest including a salty waterfall at Nambung Beach, which can be reached via boat or by a spirited hike through the sand and rocks. Saints and important people within the Muslim and Hindu faiths are memorialized throughout the island. Southern Senggigi is home to Muslim saint Makam Batu Layar’s grave, as well as the extravagant memorial site that surrounds it. Also, the Para Batu Bolong Hindu temple is a small memorial consisting of fourteen altars sitting on a rock that lies in a scenic spot at the headland which overlooks the lovely Senggigi Beach. The many beaches are a mixture of grass and sand lining the peaceful waters, allowing tourists to leisurely stroll up and down the coast.


  • For a grand, panoramic view of the island, climb to the top of Malimbu Hill and set your mind free. This is a perfect spot to watch sunrises and sunsets or to simply unwind.
  • Many worshippers visit the Batu Bolong Temple on a daily basis; however, they will never shun interested tourists. All they ask is that you wear the scarf/sarong they provide for you to give the monument its proper respect.
  • If you’re looking to learn more about one of the island’s major imports, visit the Autore Pearl Farm. The friendly workers take visitors through the entire pearl culturing process and reveal the finished work in their showroom.
  • The Sudirman Antiques Shop deals in one-of-a-kind items for those looking for a special keepsake. After seeing these unique, hand-crafted antiques, ordinary souvenirs will pale in comparison.

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